West Virginia and the surrounding area wedding & lifestyle photography.

I am a collector of memories and photography is my passion!

I am a pizza-always-advocate, a black coffee drinker, and a mama of two pups and a cat. You can often find me behind the camera, where I feel most at home.

I have always had a love for documenting life and its details;from the biggest moments to the teeny-tiniest, most fleeting ones. I entered the photography world as a self-taught enthusiast, but realized that I wanted to deepen my skills and expand my knowledge and subjects. After five years of my solo photography experience I attended The Salt Institute for Documentary Photography in February of 2014 to study Documentary Photography and Multimedia.

I’ve been told that I’m quirky and goofy. I’m bound to make you laugh during a shoot with my corny jokes, so get ready to be awkward together while I capture your natural smile. I might cry during your ceremony and will most likely bust a move during your reception. I'm a sucker for romance, crisp Fall days, road trips, and the smell of bookstores (too weird?).

I don’t believe in putting people in a cookie cutter. We are all different and thats what makes us special. My photographs will emote feelings rather than look the same for every family and every couple. So if you’re interested in that, lets work together!